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Being an episode sponsor is easy and is a great way to support the show and get your product/idea out there!


The progam is based off of short (1-2 min) messages said during the middle of episodes. Advertise your website, art, or product. We'll work with some information you give us and we'll do all the leg work of producing the message.


Listen to an example below:

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Coming Soon™ What's Up ATM? will have a Patreon with some amazing rewards and tiers. Check back here or check our social media to see when we go live.

Direct Donation

Using paypal you can donate directly to either us or our sister podcast, "What a Concept!" The donate page is provided through our platform, Craftic Studios.

Small time podcasts, like ours, are a labor of love. Often times smaller podcasts never make any money. We are very forunate to have the time be able to make this show for you. Since podcasts are free, the way we make money is by asking our listeners to either donate or sponsor. Take a look below to see how some of our options are!